It’s been a very long time since I wrote a blog. To be completely honest with you all, most of the reason is because I guess I felt like nobody really cares to read my blogs. I’ve got my own Facebook group called Instagram for the Hustlers and I admin and moderate for several others as well. I also have my Instagram accounts, so I guess I’ve just felt like if someone wants to know what’s going on with me or if they need help with growing their business or needs some content ideas, they can refer to my group. The truth is, I absolutely believe that blogs are necessary for telling stories and that’s exactly why I’m writing tonight. I want to tell you the story of what has happened to me in the past 6 months of my business that completely pivoted everything I was doing wrong and brought me to a clear and decisive direction.

It all started with a dare…

I suppose the only place to really start is the beginning. About six months ago, I was messing around on Facebook with a post that I actually felt quite timid to be making. I was running Facebook ads for a real estate agent and managed to get him 7 leads in less than a week for less than $50 ad spend. He ended up selling one property and getting several offers on another. I felt like a million bucks for getting those types of results. When I shared about this, someone who was a fairly new friend to me on Facebook commented on my post and reached out to me via Facebook Messenger. That person was Jason Economides. While I grew up with a father who was nothing but a salesman, I really knew nothing about sales…especially not in the digital marketing space. That’s where Jason opened my eyes. When I say I knew nothing about sales, what is I mean is this: In order for people to realize you’re doing something right for your clients, you have to talk about it on social media! Until you’re killing it, you have to promote yourself! Jason sent me a message and said, “I dare you to post this on your Facebook page”.  He suggested the verbiage (or copy, if you will) that I should use based on the results I had just gotten for my real estate agent. I was so scared to post it, but I did… and people responded to it! Within a matter of weeks, I had acquired 4 clients to run Facebook ads for, each for at least $1,000 per month. Yep, I was making a minimum of $4k/mo running ads part-time for small business owners. I honestly couldn’t believe it. After a few weeks of this and major anxiety, I realized that I appreciated the opportunities, my heart just wasn’t in it. I loved the idea of putting together a strategy (and honestly, I am quite good at it), but running Facebook ads for another business was not where my heart was. I wanted to do it for myself in an effort to help other people improve their own businesses. I knew I was good at something, but I didn’t have the exact focus for what I wanted to do yet. For a few weeks there I was jumping from one thing to another to another. I created a trifecta course for multi-level marketers to teach them how to present their product effectively and not “product vomit” on people. It included Facebook ads, Instagram, and YouTube 101 and how to do market research. I sold a few of those courses but unfortunately they just were not my ideal audience or my ideal “avatar”. Most people who are in direct selling are not 100% business owners, dedicated to their business…most of them do it as a side hustle and don’t even have time for themselves, much less time to follow up with a course creator and stay focused on learning how to do things right. I know this because I was one of those people myself. It’s hard to commit to something like that. After a few more weeks, I noticed that some of the people I had built relationships with from the Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs course I’d taken about a year ago were killing it, running ads for clients and beginning to form their own groups and communities on Facebook. I got connected with them again and began helping them with their group growth, by becoming an admin or moderator.

Now this is where I need to tell you how everything kind of came together.

You see, while all of this was going on, I was also posting about my lifestyle journey on my Instagram account. I am a low carb foodie, cardio junkie, mother of two small children, and holistic health advocate. So every day, I would be posting on Instagram to share my life and share my story. As I was doing this, I noticed that my account was growing again. Behind the scenes, I was watching some YouTube channels and videos to learn about Instagram growth and implemented tips and tricks and hacks that I had learned along the way to increase my following. I formed my own organic growth methodologies. All I had was a simple tips, tricks, and recipes PDF on my Instagram bio as a lead acquisition. Thing is, I wasn’t really doing much with that. I was capturing leads but barely broadcasting anything. I had no offer, no value ladder, no SOS, no Seinfeld sequence. I had nothing…or did I?

This is where Landon Porter #TheSalesGorilla came into the picture. I was in a wine club. As a moderator of his group and a wine-o extraordinaire, I was donned #TheWineGorilla in his group. It was funny and catchy and I owned it, until that one Friday night live where Landon gave me some of the best advice of my adult entrepreneurial life. I may have heard it from someone else before, but it was the way Landon said it that resonated with me. He said, “Trish, pick a thing and do it. You’re all over the place. What you’re trying to do is awesome. You have a unique skill-set, but you’re not focusing on any one thing. Pick what you’re passionate about and go for it, one hundred percent”.

I cried.

I seriously cried on a Facebook live where everyone could see me. The #GorillaArmyNation were watching me cry and giving me the most incredible support, talking me through my frustrated tears. They helped me get the clarity I needed to pick my thing and just go for it.

And so for me….my thing…is ME! It’s how I share my life and my story on Instagram. I am consistent there and I feel like my recipes and life hacks are received well artistically. It’s exciting for me! I put my ALL into it. My following increased by over 1700 people in just over 2 months, completely organically. I had people opting-in to my free PDF and I was beginning to monetize with affiliate marketing. My friend Neil Lopez is an automation expert and showed me how to set up my follow-up email sequence. Things were working and I was really getting traction. I had to share what I was doing and how I was doing it. I revived my Facebook group Instagram for the Hustlers and continued creating my course. I went from 54 members in the group to 142 members within a few weeks…then 400 members within a week and a half after that, and 500 members a week later from that. I launched my course with an auction price and got 18 students with a secret student accountability group. And now, that course is listed for $497 and has an affiliate program.

My friends in my digital marketing circle tag me in every single post they see asking Instagram questions. So much so, I can barely keep up. I invite people who need Instagram help to my free group. I host interviews with industry leaders every week, provide content creation ideas, have formed a team of people who are at my fingertips for anyone needing help improving their business. It’s gotten to the point where people are reaching out to me everyday, telling me they’re interested in collaborating with me on projects.  I have enough project information to keep me busy for another 12 months.  It really is incredible what happens when you put yourself out there, show up every day with solutions to people’s problems, and collaborate with others in your industry. Don’t try to learn everything, own your skill-set and learn how to improve on it everyday. The rest will fall into place, I promise you.

So if you have read this entire blog, I leave you with a few tips that have helped me:

  1. Don’t expect your business to happen overnight. In fact, someone said recently on Facebook that their overnight business took one full year. Be prepared to work at least 12 months before your business really takes off.
  2. Hire a mentor. There are plenty of people out there who are business mentors and offer bartering options. If you are really good at something and what you’re good at helps a business mentor with their business, then perhaps your services pay for your mentoring.
  3. Collaborate, don’t compete.  I am really good at Instagram, but I would never in a million years try to coach someone on how to build a website. I got a guy for that.
  4. Show up every single day and make sure that you listen to your prospects. If you’re going to show up every day then you better have a solution to their problem. The only way to know what their problem is is to ask them. Ask and listen.  a great way to do this is by participating and engaging in Facebook groups that are specific to your niche.
  5. Gary Vaynerchuk has a book out there called the Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. Basically, bring value, value, value, then ask for someone to pay you for the next thing.  Don’t product vomit on people, bring them VALUE FIRST…then again…and again…and remember you are doing an injustice if you don’t offer them something bigger with a price tag.
  6.  Be prepared to give away the farm before you make any real money. Seriously.
  7. Be PATIENT. When you feel like giving up, push harder! I know it sounds like tough love but that’s exactly what it is. Nothing will happen until you feel like you can’t give anymore.  I promise you that’s exactly when you need to push harder and when the magic happens.
  8. Be grateful and be humble. No matter what’s happening in your business in that moment, there’s someone else out there that’s probably doing it better than you are. Be happy with what’s happening in the moment and be grateful and gracious to those around you who are helping you make it happen. Say thank you OUT LOUD all the time.

Finally, I wanted to provide you all with a list of people who I suggest and highly recommend for your business:

Jason Economides, The Funnel Jedi – Anything funnels, this is your guy! You can find him in the Funnel Jedi Club

Landon Porter, The Sales Gorilla – Want to know how I’m Getting Clients Without Being Salesy?  Request to join the group! You may not get accepted, though – we’re a picky bunch of gorillas!

Arne Giske, Founder of Millennial Entrepreneur Community – Want to know how to grow an awesome Facebook Group? This guy’s group grew over 25,000 members in just over a year! He’s got a pretty cool cheat sheet, too!

There are plenty more, but then…there will be plenty more blogs too! This is a great start, trust me.

Dedicated to your success,

~Trish Leto




Michael Jones · August 24, 2017 at 4:36 am

And someone read your blog and thought it was great! Keep it up.

    tpjx8 · August 24, 2017 at 8:13 pm

    Thank you SO MUCH! That means the world to me! And trust me, I’ll definitely keep it up!

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