Everyone talks about this organic engagement, but how does it really work? Here, I’m going to share with you some big tips and secrets that will help you not only learn how it really works, but you can start using these tricks and tactics immediately for your own business:

  1. Whipping groups: A whipping group is a group where people post their Facebook and Instagram links and the group members are required to like, comment, and share the post. Whipping etiquette is required, though. Don’t just drop your post link and think that people will promote you like crazy if you don’t reciprocate. The best way to be a hero in these groups is like this: When you have a post link that you want to be whipped, take a solid 5 minutes and go into each group. Like, comment, and share every post you can in 5 minutes time, being sure to comment on the whip-requested post with “done”. This shoots a notification to the person requesting the whip that you have done your part. Now, go back into the groups and post your link with something catchy like “Ok, whip it good! Mama needs a new pair of shoes!”

         Pro tip #1: Adding a little sprinkle of value or knowledge in these groups from time to time gives you leadership              positioning. It builds trust. Don’t do it too much, but JUST enough!

        Pro tip #2: If you join an Instagram whipping group, make sure you have plenty of people in your niche that are                 liking and commenting on your posts because they’ll be using the same hashtags and that’s what the Instagram             algorithm picks up on to help you rank higher for your niche in the Instagram news feed.

2. Post good, consumable content. The best engagement comes from asking, listening, and delivering. Ask the right questions. “Who needs help with Instagram?” is a really vague question. Some people don’t even know what Instagram is, let-alone know whether or not they need help with it.

Here’s one I use often: “If you’re interested in learning how I’m making money for FREE with Instagram, comment ME below”. If you’re interested = invites the idea. In learning = knowledge is power, people love to learn. How I’m making money for FREE= making money for FREE always wins. Using Instagram = the vehicle/platform with which I’m making said money. Win. Win.Win.Win. Now, comment ME below is the most important part, here. A call to action on every post is crucial if you’re trying to attract your audience to your thing. You’ll get some people who will just type ME and others who will drop GIFs and more comments. That’s ok. Let them. Leave the post alone and go work up some more questions and content for several hours. THEN, come back to it to and love and comment. This gives Facebook ample time to pick up on your post engagement by OTHER people before you immediately engage. Now, when the next time you post, your stuff will be pushed through the feed because Facebook’s algorithm LOVES you!

3. Use Facebook groups to your advantage. Aside from the whipping groups are the rest of the groups. Whether you sell Lula Roe, real estate, digital marketing courses, or bird houses, there is a Facebook Community with your ideal clients. Get in those groups and engage. Provide answers to questions, ask the right questions (remember, be specific, vague questions will get vague answers or no answers), and when the group owner offers opportunities to be a moderator, JUMP ON IT! I was a moderator for several different groups before forming my own and I learned so much about how to get great engagement.

4. Last but not least, promote others. Do this often and selflessly. Talk about the people who inspire you, mentor you, and motivate you with your business. The more you do this, the more you will have it reciprocated, but don’t do it for that. You’ve literally got to be willing to put good vibes out there into the Universe (that’s Facebook and Instagram for us digital marketing types).

These tips will help you gain more of an organic reach and following, just be consistent with it.

My recommendations:  Each blog I write I’ll be including my recommendations for the week. Since we are talking about Facebook organic growth, I want to share with you about the BEST Facebook groups course out there, by my mentor Arne Giske. I’m actually an affiliate for his course and make commissions whenever someone purchases it using my link. Here’s the thing: Using your Instagram account properly will help you drive traffic to your Facebook group, so I’m offering my 23-page interactive e-book that’s priced at $147 for a LIMITED time for FREE when you purchase Arne’s course HERE.

I***Make SURE you email me: Trish@TrishLeto.com and let me know, “I bought Arne’s course!”

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As always, I’m dedicated to your success! ~Trish



ונוסשופ פיג'מות · October 18, 2017 at 11:34 am

Nice site, very well made ~ Please keep updating, I will def read more. I’ll bookmark it and be backk!

    Trish Leto · November 10, 2017 at 9:51 pm

    Thank you, it’s a constant work in progress, but I’m more proud of it each day.

Leland Koors · October 18, 2017 at 5:48 pm

Do you think Instagram marketing is more effective than Adwords?

    Trish Leto · November 10, 2017 at 9:50 pm

    Hi there. I honestly think that any effective social media marketing can be more effective than Adwords. I encourage you to reach out to my friend Tori Reid. She’s a professional blogger who has been using “fishing” to drive traffic to her blogs.

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