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Jan 15

A Few Realtor Tips…

By trish | Real Estate

If you’re not doing Facebook lives as a real estate or mortgage professional regularly, all I have to say is you better get started ASAP because you’re community needs you. There are too many people in our local communities who do not know what they need to do before looking for a home or during the home financing process and they need people like you to educate/inform them on the social media platform they hang out on the most. Here are a few topics to help you with content ideas:

1. Why having a pre-qual letter in-hand is crucial before even stepping out the door to go house hunting.

2. What are the pros and cons of buying a Fannie Mae-owned home?

3. What is the difference between an FHA, Conventional, VA, and USDA loan?

4. Why should I care whether or not I have a 30 year, 15 year, arm, or fixed-rate loan…?

5. What are the forms “loan estimate” and “closing disclosure” and what should I be looking for on those forms?

6. What are the most important warrantees people should be most concerned about when purchasing a home? (A/C, roof, windows, appliances, etc).

7. What are some things people need to be doing as they prepare to sell their homes?

8. What does escrow mean and how does it work?

9. What steps should a veteran take before qualifying for a VA loan?

10. What exemptions are disabled veterans granted? (Ex: waived VA funding fee). People don’t know to ask questions about subjects they know nothing about. Educate the people and you will gain their trust.