If I’m going to be completely honest here, I’m writing this blog with a bit of aggravation. I’m not looking for this one to get noticed by Huff Post, but I definitely hope it ruffles a few feathers.

I had the honor and pleasure of guest-speaking at an all-day seminar with my friend and international-renowned speaker Steve Hopper. During my speaking times, I learned some things that are rather disappointing. There are professional business owners who are struggling for business and who are nervous and anxious to use video to get free leads. While there are teenage kids with YouTube channels with one-half million subscribers for their stellar makeup tutorials, our very own real estate agents, financial advisors, and attorneys are scared to be on camera.

Here are a few reasons I have been hearing for NOT using video and my responses:

  1. “I don’t like how I look on camera.” Oh, come on. Slap a little make-up on that mug of yours and press play. I show up in Batman t-shirts and yoga pants and I get at least 1 new connection (or lead, as the marketers call them) per live.
  2. “I’m not sure what to talk about.” Okay, fine. You’re a business, right? That means you have a product or service that is the solution to someone’s problem. Go live for 5 minutes and give one tip or bit of advice. That’s it! Do that enough times and people will look at you as the go-to expert in your industry. I promise it’s not that hard, but you have to start somewhere.
  3. “What if I get no engagement on my video?” Honestly, you might get crickets your first time pressing live. BUT – you can use your FB status updates and stories to give a heads-up 10-15 minutes beforehand to let people know your live. You can also invite people in. If you still get crickets, talk to your phone or computer as if there are hundreds of people watching, because once you repurpose that live there will be.
  4. “I’m nervous to be on camera alone.” This one if my favorite, because the answer I have is how I’ve built my brand and my business. Interview people. I interview industry experts regularly, in my Facebook group, on my personal page, and my business page. It allows me to learn something new and allows the expert to get some exposure. That’s a total win-win. So now, I’ll get into a few tips: The Before, during, and after…
  5. Before going live, put your phone on DND, remove distractions, allow yourself good lighting, and if you’re not feeling your best, use a fun filter on your phone. Have FUN with it, for crying out loud. It’s social media. To keep your thoughts organized, jot them down. Make sure you have a title of your live video in the description. Make it catchy, to attract more people in. During your live, command engagement by thanking people for joining, requesting the replay folks to type “#replay”, and ask questions to get them involved. People want to feel acknowledged and important when they pop into your lives, so make that happen for them. Don’t forget your call to action. Tell your audience where they can find more of you, be it your Facebook group/community or website. When you’re done, go back into the live and love and reply to every single comment. This is just plain etiquette. You can also repurpose your video into multiple platforms and multiple streams of income. I explain this in detail in my ebook. 
  6. Finally, be sure to check out your insights. This will tell you about your audience, length of views, engagement, and thus helps you gauge the content you covered and whether you should do another live similar to it.
  7. For those wanting to know about where to go live, start using your business pages more. This will allow you to create video views audiences and look-alike audiences using FB ads and get more people targeted to your content and business. Win-win-win.

I truly hope this was helpful for you. Please feel free to share it out. Now…go press live and shake things up!

~Trish Leto