It's Time To Break-Free From the Overwhelm of How To Profit With Social Media...

Your Business Needs Increased Profit and You Deserve To Know The Best and Most Effective Ways To Make That Happen...

Let's Do This Together,

In A 6-Week Accelerator!

You need to STOP wasting your money and resources on "testing".

You need to START being accountable to START making things happen.

While most marketing agencies will charge you anywhere from $2,000 per month

just to try to help you "figure things out"...

You may not even really need to do that.  

Wouldn't it be nice to know how 20 minutes per month could tell you everything you need to know about the best words to use for your audience to engage with you?

Wouldn't it clear up your calendar and cut time restraints to understand what platforms you should be spending your time, money, and resources on....so you can hand that off to an assistant so they can post things FOR you? 

Wouldn't it be GREAT to simplify the process for marketing your business so you can start working more ON your business...and less time working IN it...? 

This 6-week accelerator will not only  help you gain more clarity around your offer and message, but we will walk you through the EXACT system that will show you how to find out what social media platforms you should be spending your time on to make the biggest impact on your audience and get more booked calls!

During This 6-Week Accelerator, you will receive:

Weekly group coaching, via Zoom (All calls will be recorded and accessible via a Secret FB Group):

✅WEEK 1: TWO points will be covered:

1. Offer & message clarity - let’s make sure you’re not wasting time (or money)

2. Fishing where the fish are.***As a group, we will do fast and efficient market research to make sure you’re using the right words in your prospects’ own language to get them interested in your offer

***This week ALONE will save you TIME ⏱, MONEY 💵, FRUSTRATION 😫, and make you SUPER accountable 💯***

$3,000 Value

✅WEEK 2: Offer creation and setup for list-building: 

🔘Calendar link using Calendly (with qualifying questions to use, filtering through qualifying prospects)

🔘Funnel building (with templates to plug in your own brand and offer into)

🔘Email automation (How to use Active Campaign and int - with swipe emails).


✅WEEK 3: Walk-through of re-purposing content. I’ll be sharing my screen showing you how to do each, offering a brief Q&A in between each walk through:

🔘Downloading and editing videos

🔘How to use the FB Creator Studio

🔘Uploading to YouTube - TUBE BUDDY

🔘Creating courses/memberships

🔘Using Anchor.fm for creating your own podcast

🔘Uploading to IGTV

✅WEEK 4: Full Q&A session.

Simply put, you’ll build out for 3 weeks and this is where you get all of your questions answered. 

✅WEEK 5: Special guest coaching session with Sean Douglas, Active Duty USAF who’s a sought-after Speaker, TedEx Speaking Coach, and top-rated podcast host. He’ll be sharing how to use what you have learn from Weeks 1-3 to become a PAID speaker. 

✅WEEK 6: Special guest coaching session with Bob Jones, Facebook Ads Expert, teaching how to run targeted and re-targeted ads on Facebook. 


This will Be The FINAL Accelerator Of 2019.

Ask Yourself, "How Do I Want To Close Out The Year...?"

 Wouldn't It Be Awesome To Have a Solid Profit Plan For 2020?

If You Answered YES, Time Is Ticking...

Enroll TODAY and Be One Of The Lucky 5 Who Take Massive Action And Get Profitable Results! 




Even some extremely profitable business owners don't realize:

  • How to organize their content into 30 full days and in just 20 minutes per month!
  • How to re-purpose their Live videos onto multiple platforms
  • How to turn those videos into multiple streams of income - for courses, podcasts, memberships, blogs, and more!
  • The importance of a strong call to action and how that builds an email list for more sales!
  • How long they should be Live (Hint, just 5 Minutes will do!)
  • How to get their content to stand out and rank high on Google, YouTube, and LinkedIn

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SIX Weekly Group Coaching Calls - All recorded with Lifetime Access ($1,497)

SIX Weekly Group Coaching Calls - All recorded with Lifetime Access ($1,497)

Over $4,000 Worth of Value!

PLUS...You Will Get FULL Access To The Facebook Group Where You Get Support and Encouragement From Like-Minded People!

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