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How amazing would it be for you to bypass ALL the online marketing courses out there and find every tip, trick, and hack you're looking for...in one place...?

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How many courses have you purchased in the last year that you've barely logged into, for one reason or another? Two...? Five...? More, maybe? 

And it's for all kinds of different reasons, right? 

  • You're busy with your full time job
  • You're playing Uber driver for your kids
  • You keep getting sidetracked with other things

And the list...goes....on.

Which makes you wonder...did you REALLY need to pay that much for the course?
Did you really NEED all of the information in it?
The 30 minute introduction video, the templates, resources, and let's not forget about the "Over $10,000 in bonuses"...? 

And how many masterclasses have you signed up for and maybe even attended...where you loved the content, but when they offered their $997...or $1,497... or $2,497 course...

It made you break out in a sweat over the price, because as much as you love that content...either you can't afford to buy the course or you know you won't have the time to dive into it.  

It's an endless, frustrating cycle. 

And most times, maybe you just want to know how to do that one particular thing...

How many times have you bought a course where you watch a particular video and about 35-45 minutes in, you hit a gold nugget and think, why couldn't I just buy this part?  

Am I right? 

WELL...What if someone actually extracted ALL of those gold nuggets that every big course creator had inside of their $997 course and placed it in ONE place for you, for a fraction of the price...? 

Covering things like:

  • How to master LinkedIn with a popping profile and a secret hack for uploading content that builds your list!
  • How to monetize Instagram
  • ​How to get media appearances without having to pay for them
  • ​How to become a paid speaker
  • The secret hacks to search engine optimization
  • How to write copy that converts to sales so you can begin profiting your blogs
  • ​How to build FB Messenger Chatbots that build your email list and sell your courses on autopilot
  • ​​How to create profitable FB Ads
  • How to build a $10mm sales funnel
  • How to build your email list and profit with affiliate marketing
  • ​How to create a brand that attracts your ideal clients
  • ​How to create viral videos
  • How to grow a profitable YouTube channel
  • How to sell without being salesy
  • How to raise money for a non-profit
  • How to create and monetize your podcast

I know what you're thinking: 

"Trish you can't steal people's content and try to resell it!" 

To which I reply, "Phew! I'm so glad I never do that, because I don't have to!"

Ya see, I've spent the past 5 years networking with and learning from some THEE best marketers online. 

People like:

YouTube Sensation Marley Jaxx

The Sales Gorilla Landon Porter

Copy writing Genius Tori Reid


The #1 Authority on profiting FB Groups,  Arne Giske

(just to name a few...)

These are multiple 6 and 7-figure business pros who I easily recognize as the authorities in the marketing industry...and lucky for me, they love when I interview them and ask ALL the deep-dive questions. 

It's for these reasons why this vault is easily worth over $10,000 worth of coaching, tips, hacks, and more. Real value, not just a b.s. value stack. 

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This price is a secret, though. You see, my network knows I have these videos. What they don't know is that I'm offering all of these videos for only $97.


So to be respectful to them, this is only going to be offered for $97 for a limited time. 

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***Additionally, I'm donating 25% of EVERY VAULT SOLD to the Australia Wildfire relief. Because of this, all sales are final and non-refundable.***

***25% of every sale will be donated to the NSW Rural Fire Service, to help assist with stopping the wild-fires that are devastating Australia.  Photo credit: The NY Times, Lukas Coch/EPA, via Shutterstock


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