How Any Niche Can Make Money Via Facebook Live

By trish | Digital marketing

Apr 23

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January 5, 2018

Happy New Year! We all know that 2017 brought on the crypto-currency hype and with it, more people doing Facebook Lives. Whether someone was at a concert, talking about their newest weight loss system, a great workout to tighten those abs, or how much money they made with Bitcoin, we saw more people coming out of the woodwork to be Live on Facebook.

The reason why is because Video is king and in order to be more visible and relevant via social media, we need to swallow our pride and go Facebook Live. As a social media visibility consultant for entrepreneurs, I’m asked the same question pretty regularly: “What if I don’t have an established business yet, what will I talk about?” I’m going to answer that for you, right now. Any niche can make money via Facebook live, even if you don’t already have a business:

  • Bloggers – Yes, you folks are amazing at the written word and can absolutely make some loot via Facebook lives. You are our champions of research, knowledge, and wisdom! We look for your content via Google, so why not have a Facebook live you’ve done talking about certain plugins you use for your WordPress site or perhaps how you know what to blog about? When you finish your Facebook live, you can edit the video and upload it to Youtube, where you get even more traction and exposure to your content.
  • Business Coaches – Okay, so…while we are appreciative for your cheat sheets, blueprints, and ebooks, you need to be sure you’re sharing that very same content via live video for Q&As or “Ask Me Anything” sessions. Present your live stream video from your personal page and share it to your business page, a group you admin, and of course, go live on multiple platforms. Doing a live stream from your business page brings more organic traffic to your business but also, you can run ads using that very same video to promote a product or free webinar you have coming up. The more engagement you already have with that video, the better your conversion rates will be when you run a video views ad or even a traffic ad. A great software that I use to share my screen during Facebook Lives is Zoom, through The Influencer Network. I pay only $45/mo and can get up to 1,000 webinar attendees.
  • Affiliate marketing – You do NOT need to have a business in order to be an affiliate marketer, which is why I left this one last. Affiliate marketing is my absolute favorite way to make a few extra hundred or thousand dollars per month in passive income. An affiliate marketer is simply someone who uses a product that they really like and makes a commission by sharing it with their audience. In order to become an affiliate, you can just go to the website of the company, scroll to the bottom of the screen, and look for the tiny link that says affiliates. You’ll need to complete their information and once you’re signed up, they provide you with a link that is just for you to use and give to people so when they buy that thing, you make a commission. Now, not all affiliate programs are made public, so if you have a product or service that you love and you’re not sure if they have an affiliate program, just call them and ask! Most times they are happy to compensate you in some way for promoting their products/services. Just a few ideas for affiliate marketing include Amazon Affiliates, GoDaddy, Clickfunnels, car dealerships, and insurance companies. Don’t complicate this. You use a thing every day, you can do a live video talking about it. Be to include a call-to-action telling your audience to comment “Me” if they want the link. Then message them your affiliate link and ask any questions they may have. You can repurpose your Facebook Live into a simple 2-page funnel, using Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels is an awesome software program that I use for my lead magnets, courses, and membership sites. To help you out a bit with this, I’m sharing my affiliate marketing funnel with you HERE.

I hope you found this blog helpful to you. Please know that the links I’ve shared are my affiliate links for the products I have suggested and recommended. If you use those links to purchase the products, I will make a commission.

Happy New Year to you all. Be on the lookout for my next blog in a week! Happy live-streaming!



About the Author

Trish Leto is a U.S. Navy Veteran and Live video marketing consultant. Her audience has crowned her the QUEEN of 5 Minute Lives™, a simple yet effective strategy for providing content that matters to audiences with just five minutes of live video and repurposing it for increased brand recognition and revenue. Trish is also an expert speaker, teaching strategies for social media while motivating and inspiring her audience to overcome self-doubt and Press Live With Purpose™. She recently quit her 9-5 job after over 18 years in the mortgage industry and is now helping businesses increase revenue with her strategies full-time. Trish has spoken on several stages, including the Military Influencer Conference (sponsored by USAA) in October 2018 and most recently spoke on the mortgage panel at Vaynermedia’s Agent2021 in Miami Gardens, FL. Her work has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, and hundreds of nationally-syndicated television, newspaper, and magazine outlets She’s shaking up the industry leaving behind no excuses.