How To Make Money With 5 Minute Lives™

This step-by-step “survival guide” has been created for you by someone who was very much afraid of using Facebook live video when it first came out back in early 2016. There’s a great deal of trial and error I went through in order to fine-tune this process and turn it into a money-making machine for myself and my clients. The most important thing to remember with live video marketing is to be yourself, show up with the intention of serving your audience, and not leave that video sitting there because it is a digital asset for your business… Even if you totally stumble over your words the first few times. That can be a story you tell, later on, sharing your journey with others and allowing them the opportunity to relate to you. 

***A special note to the not-so-confident: I understand how you feel. Maybe you don’t like the way that you sound, the way you look, or you’re super nervous to be on camera. I assure you, when I began doing Facebook Lives in 2016, I felt the same exact way. But then I started to meet people in person at networking events and as I would explain what I did and how I did it, they were in awe. So imagine yourself at a networking event where people are coming up to you and asking you about your business. You won’t pivot your feet and walk away. You won’t be muted. You will feel confident with how you look, because you spent that extra time before attending that event to look your best to impress. You won’t be worried that what you’re saying isn’t good enough, because you’re there to share your business cards in an attempt to make connections happen and get more prospects. 

So…shift your mind to treating your livestreams videos the same way:

For guys: Put on a shirt and tie, if that’ll make you feel more confident. Maybe put some cologne on if that’s how you’d show up to a networking event. The scent alone will help you adjust your mentality and wake up your senses to show up confidently. Or…on the flipside, if a shirt and tie aren’t your things, put on a tshirt and ball cap. 

For gals: Put on a dress, your favorite earrings, and blow-dry your hair. Spray on some of your favorite perfume and maybe a little lipstick, if that makes you feel more confident. Or…on the flipside, maybe a tank top and yoga pants are your thing.

Bottom line: Show up as who you are, unapologetically. 

In a recent article by 99 Firms, we’re advised that “the Facebook Live video view count climbed to 2 billion viewers last year.” Imagine even 1% of that viewing audience being available for you to get your message in front of. Your confidence will increase as you continue to show, but you’ve got to get started somewhere. 

Here’s your step-by-step guide to know exactly how to make Live-streaming as impactful as possible:

STEP 1: Locate content that matters to your audience and answers their problems. 

To locate content that matters to your audience, follow the PIGGLY method. This method is essentially just an acronym to help you remember where to go to locate your content,as well as fully understand where most of your ideal clients are hanging out. It stands for Pinterest, Instagram, Google, Groups, LinkedIn, and YouTube. As you are researching, you will want to have a spreadsheet open via Google sheets or MS Excel. The average month has 30 days, broken down by 7 days per week and 4 weeks, so create a spreadsheet with 4 Mondays through 4 Sundays. If you want to break your content down into themes for certain days of the week, that’s great…but it’s not a requirement. Set aside 20 minutes for productivity mode and conduct this research with your laptop/computer. Eliminate distractions. Put your phone on airplane mode with a timer set for 30 minutes, have your spreadsheet open on one side of your screen and your Google Chrome (or other search engine) open into 6 different tabs: Pinterest, Instagram, Google, one Facebook Group where your ideal clients hang out, Linkedin, and YouTube. This method will allow you grab content, so don’t spend too much time on each tab. Just a few minutes each one to grab common language and simply the enter the words into your content calendar. These are your idea topics for your Facebook Lives. Don’t overthink this at all. Just put yourself into productivity mode and get to work.


Pinterest is a search engine, so if somebody is looking something up on Google, hey are they are likely to find an answer via an article on Pinterest. Go into Pinterest and type in a few keywords for your industry. Then, go to people first because from people, you can see who ranks highest to lowest based on the amount of pins and follows that they have and their boards. And you will find if you hit that first and then you go to boards, you have a plethora of information and ideas for your topics. You don’t have to be super active on all of these platforms in order to use these platforms effectively to locate and research your market. I want you to go to people first and then follow the boards that they have, because that’s gonna help you tremendously. Close this tab now. 

***Note: If you want to get your own content onto Pinterest because you just found a bunch of boards that are within your search, watch this video to learn how. 


Instagram is fully loaded with viral videos, too. So if you go into Instagram and you do a search for makeup hashtags specifically, you may come across a makeup tutorial. Try to find a video that’s gone viral, with thousands of views and comments. They’ll give their feedback like, “Oh my God, that looks amazing. I love that!” Or, “Oh, I love how those eyelashes work!” Now you know that’s content that’s interactive for your audience. Now you know you can create a video and say, “Here’s a super awesome lash glue to help you with your extensions” (as an example). Close this tab now. 


When you go into Google and plug in some industry keywords, then you want to go to anything that’s underneath the ads, because that means that they’ve done their research and search engine optimized their content. It’s going to rank high because maybe five or six really high-level content contributors created an article together or one person wrote a “survival guide” for that topic. This is exactly what you’re looking for. So click on an article. The headline ALONE will be keywords for you to use. Grab those keywords and enter them into your content calendar. An article example might be, “7 Ways To Crush Entrepreneurship”. Read through the article, grab the link to it, then put it into my content calendar. Be sure to give credit to the author of the article during your Facebook Live. This will help you build massive credibility for your audience. Close this tab now. 

***Side note: If you really love the article, reach out to author and invite them to be interviewed on a Facebook Live. Now, you have 2 different topics for your Live videos. They might have a product or program that they offer with an affiliate link. This will be a great opportunity to monetize your Facebook Live quickly. 


If you go into a group, if you’re on your computer on the left hand side, you’ve got a search bar. If you go in there and you just search a few key words and then you hit enter, you may possibly find hundreds of conversation threads where people are talking about something that’s relevant to what you need. Start grabbing the keywords on those conversation threads and plug them into your content calendar. Or…if you find much in threads, feel free to ask a question within the group if you find nothing at all. Take your responses and run with it as content ideas. Close this tab now. 


Linkedin’s pretty awesome because it’s kind of similar to Pinterest. So on Linkedin you’re going to go into search in the upper left-hand corner, enter your keywords, and click on the “content” tab at the top. From there, it’s the same thing as you would find in Facebook groups. You’re just going to see a ton of threads of conversation where people are telling you they’re already having the conversation. Close this tab now. 


YouTube is the video form of Google, which means a lot of people go on Youtube to look-up “how to” videos. So something that I’ve noticed is that I might look up something technical, trying to figure something out on my cell phone. For example, “How do I hook up my Zoom to my phone?” And if I’m looking that up on Youtube and I can’t find the answer on Youtube…but then I figure it out for myself, I am going to create a video explaining that very thing via Facebook Live and then I’m going to upload it to Youtube. Or…I might find a video on Youtube that I can’t understand what the person’s saying, because they have a thick accent. So what I’ll do is take that as content for me to create my own video about the exact same thing. Not only is that research for me to know how to do something, but it’s research for me to know, “Oh this is isn’t very clear. Let me make something better for my audience”. I’ve done that a few times and people love it!

Now you’ve done the research! The next step is to use AnswerThePublic.com and find the exact questions people are using to ask the very questions surrounding your content topics. When you use this website, you can ask up to two questions per day for free. By doing this,  you’ll know exactly how to frame your titles and descriptions and the best platforms to post or repurpose that content. Don’t forget your call to action to “Book a FREE 30-Minute Call” etc. 

STEP 2: Answer The Public

Go to answerthepublic.com and look up keywords for your industry and hit search. You can do 2 free searches per day or pay for the pro plan. In just seconds, you’ll be shown a full schematic filled with questions that your audience is asking all over on the internet related to your industry. Take those questions and use the exact verbiage of the question as your Facebook Live titles. Watch a full video walking you through this process. 

STEP 3: Press Live With Purpose™

You now have all of your content topics and you know where you will be repurposing that content for maximum impact. But before you press that LIVE button, you need to decide whether you are going to be doing a live video from your phone or a third party app. 


Live-streaming From Your Phone:

When I go Facebook LIVE, I primarily use my cell phone. There are a couple of different ways that you can do Facebook LIVES. You can go live solo or you can interview someone. This could simply be a friend, a colleague, or perhaps someone whose product you use and you absolutely love it, so you get their affiliate link and invite them on a Facebook LIVE to help promote their product. Keep in mind that not all businesses publicly promote that they have an affiliate program (where they pay you a commission for promoting their product). If you go Facebook LIVE solo and you’re doing it from your iPhone, you’ll want to make sure that your iPhone is facing towards you, like you’re taking a selfie. If you’re going to do it landscape, the easiest way to remember keeping the video from looking upside down is to ensure the volume buttons are on top. The reason why I’m saying this is that when you’re repurposing a live video that you’re doing solo onto (Youtube for instance), you’re going to want to have it horizontal. There are some apps out there (InShot, PicPlayPost) that you can use for free to reframe the Facebook LIVE, but I’d rather you work smarter, not harder. Also, when you hit Live Video from your phone, you can go into the little magic wand to add some filters or access your “tool box”. The tool box is the little wrench and screwdriver icons that appear on the bottom right of your phone screen when you click on the magic wand. Here’s where it will allow you to flip your screen over if you’re standing next to a white board (for instance) doing a Facebook LIVE and you don’t want the words you’re writing to appear backwards to your audience. You can also access some frames and even create your own frame from your Facebook Business page via the Creator Studio. 

I personally prefer using my phone for all of my solo Facebook LIVES, because I can easily (within about 5 minutes) repurpose that video onto Instagram as a 59-second clip, IGTV for a 10-minute video, and LinkedIn…also for a 10-minute video. This is also why I stress the importance of following my 5 Minute Lives blueprint. If you all you did was follow that structure, but you exceed five minutes and stay within 10 minutes, it is so much easier to just grab that video when you are done and repurpose it on to other platforms. 

From your Laptop, using 3rd-party software:

You can use various different 3rd party software platforms for going live. Here are the ones I have used or recommend: Zoom, Be Live, and OBS. They seem to be the 3 best that people are using and having the least issues with. You can actually go live from your laptop on Facebook natively and share your screen, too. And I actually recommend doing that more often than not, because you’ll get super fast organic reach right away. Also, – you can conduct a Facebook Live webinar, sharing your screen directly from Facebook. If you have Google drive, you can go into the section that says “slides” and you can create a slide deck for webinars. By the way, if you do the Google slide piece and you’re doing a Webinar or you’re doing anything that would require people to come into your world and fill out perhaps an application of some sort, then you can see in Google drive. So you can go to Google “forms” and you can create an application. This is also a great way to filter people to you. The application can include qualifying questions, like “Would you like to have X more people buying your products each month?” With each question almost certainly being a yes answer, to allow your prospect to tell themselves exactly what they need so they can tell YOU. 

Step 4: Follow Up Like a Boss

Following up with your audience is so important. Go back to your live video and love the comments, reply with a “thank you” or answer their question, etc and even message them to say you appreciate their comments and answer their questions. This is why we ask people to type comments like, #Live or #Replay. Every time someone watches your replayed video and comments “#replay”, you’ll receive a notification. So…you’ll be replying to the people who are watching the replay and you’ll also keep your video relevant in the news feed of Facebook. This is how one Live video can turn into multiple streams of income, quickly…especially as you grow an audience of people who know, like, and trust you, because they’ll share the video out with their network. 

Step 5: Repurpose for cash 

Congratulations! The video that you did was providing valuable information for your audience, so it’s time to download that digital asset and repurpose it onto other platforms. You’ll download the Mp.4 and upload it to YouTube, LinkedIn, IGTV (Instagram TV), and more. Both LinkedIn and IGTV allow for up to 10 minutes of videos, so edit them as needed if you exceed 10 minutes on your Live. Follow this quick tutorial on how to download your live videos onto your Smartphone. From there, you can use free apps like InShot or PicPlayPost,for example. 

From there, you can upload the video onto a transcription website like temi.com, rev.com, or otter.io. Here’s where you have your entire video transcribed to repurpose into a blog post, book, ebook, or a bunch of different social media posts to last you forever. Another thing you can do is turn all of the videos into a massive “survival guide” to make as an actual page of your website. This way, you can refer people to this page organically and drive a ton of free visitors to that page of your site all the time. Step 7 I’ll explain this more. 

Step 6: Build your email list

We often hear about the importance of building our email list. The reason why this is so important is because you own your email list. It’s not social media, it’s your list of people who you have established some kind of connection with. It’s your own crowd of people to remind of how much they know, like, and trust you….and why they need to hire you. Building an email list be done simply with just a plugin from your website or a one page optin with a software service like Leadpages, Clickfunnels, or Active Campaign. This is where your audience provides their name and email address in exchange for your knowledge, for free. Examples are FREE blueprints, ebooks, masterclasses, or even free courses. Make sure you have an email automation system connected with that page, like Active Campaign, Mail Chimp, etc. Another very easy thing to do is create a calendar booking link via Calendly. You can use this software for free or for a minimal fee per month. Customize your links to allow your audience to book a free call with you, even adding coupons and promo codes. 

Step 7: Be the best on Buzz

Go to BuzzSumo.com. This is a website where you can access dozens or even hundreds of conversations happening on all social media sites at one time in one place and interact with your ideal audience. You can access various posts and interact with people. As they express a need for what you do or product you offer, you can chat with them and send them to that page of your website that I talked about in step 6. For instance, if I go into Buzz Bundle and see people talking about needing help with content marketing and using Livestream video, I can send them directly to my survival guide link to my website and say, “Hey, I actually wrote a full survival guide article about this. Included on this page of your website will be embedded videos to your masterclass or a repurposed Facebook Live on YouTube, elaborating on a topic. Always ensure you include a strong call to action for people to book a call or purchase your program. This will allow you to position yourself as an industry expert very quickly, as well as make offers to allow people to work with you, without even having to sell them anything. 

6 Ways to Get More Engagement on Your Facebook Lives: 

  1. Let your audience know a few hours or a few days in advance what you’re going to cover and how it will help them (remember to answer the public). You can do this with status updates and using Facebook & Instagram Stories. This is especially effective when you have an interview coming up, especially with an influencer. 
  2. Offer to conduct your Lives in Facebook groups. Whether you host your own group or you have a friend who’s got a group that has your ideal clients, this is a great way to get some engagement. Make sure you find out the best times to go Live in that group, to maximize your Live viewing audience and interact with them as much as possible while you’re Live. 
  3. Email your list to give the heads-up. You can create a full email campaign and sprinkle a pixie-dust of what they can expect in the upcoming days or weeks leading up to the livestream. Be sure to incentivize them for catching you live, with contests and giveaways. 
  4. Conduct polls while you’re Live! If you go Live on Facebook natively from your computer, you can conduct polls while you’re Live to get your audience more engaged with you, asking questions with “options” like a, b, or c. 
  5. Use a messenger automation software like ManyChat to send broadcasts with reminders about your Lives or even the link to the Live video replays. 
  6. Host a Watch Party. This is especially effective when you’re at a big event or interviewing someone of high influence. 

Using the Facebook Creator Studio

The Creator Studio is available to you via your business page. Go to Creator Studio and you can upload pre-recorded videos. You can upload a custom-branded thumbnail, add captions, and even monetize it.

Live video marketing for introverts: 

As you connect with influencers on Facebook, pay attention to their Live videos. Listen to their content. What are they talking about? As they go live and begin talking about things that are important to your audience, engage like crazy with them.  When they give you calls to action to engage with them, offer some expert advice or share a short story about a client you had. You’ll have people reach out to you and say things like, “Hey, I saw your comments on So-and-so’s Facebook live, so I took a peek at your Facebook profile. Looks like we’re in the same industry. I’d love to connect with you”. It’s really that simple. 

Facebook Lives broken down by Niche: 

For MLM (Multi-level marketing or direct sales): 

Alright, let’s say you just started buying make-up recently from Mary Kay or Younique and now you’re ready to sell it yourself as a representative…or you just started selling health and fitness programs with Beachbody. While I’m sure you’re excited about your new products, but when you start selling them yourself, you have to remember that the company you are representing has invested millions of dollars on their own branding. So…you have to brand yourself as a representative for the products. Instead of going Facebook live and “product vomiting” all over people, you have to show up as yourself and explain to people why you started using the products and how you can add more value to the purchase price when they use your link.  For instance, if I can go on to Amazon and buy a Beachbody DVD, why would I pay you the retail price to get the very same thing…? The value you might add to that beach body DVD is (example) a 20-recipe cookbook that goes perfectly with that DVD and has recipes that have helped you lose weight with proven results. On top of that, you might add a Facebook group with accountability, contests, and giveaways. Now…buying from you seems much more appealing than buying directly from Amazon. With makeup, you can do something similar. When they purchase from you, you can send them some nice contour brushes…or maybe your Facebook Lives of you doing a full blown makeup tutorial that’s totally comical. Sometimes the “likability” factor alone from being very entertaining will attract people to want to buy from you and position you as the go-to expert. 

For real estate and mortgage:

Truth: People buy and sell their houses with people they trust or who have been referred to them by a friend or family member. In order to stay top-of-mind from the consumer’s standpoint, we have to be sure we are showing up to entertain, educate, or inspire them via live-stream video. One of the best ways we can stand apart from other real estate agents in our communities is by doing live video to discuss The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of buying and selling a home. I spent almost 20 years in the mortgage industry and I still have friends and family who text message me at least once per month to ask me for a real estate referral or ask me about credit scores and what’s required for an FHA or conventional loan.  The thing is, most people don’t know what the different loan programs mean, so when you show up to do a live video, you have to really talk about this stuff from a very beginning standpoint. How a Veteran can qualify for a home with zero money down would be a topic for a VA loan. You can turn this into a 5-step series for Monday through Friday. The first step might be to show them what link to go to for obtaining their certificate of eligibility, then follow up Tuesday through Friday with more simple steps, while answering any questions they have, real-time. The other very powerful way to stand apart from other agents or mortgage professionals in your area is to collaborate with each other by doing Facebook live interviews together and having a show that you do together once or twice a week. Bring on wholesalers, property flippers, and maybe even some hard-money lenders to discuss all the possibilities for investing. If you really want to stand out, you have to not only think outside the box, but make it so that the box doesn’t even exist. Some power players in this very space include Dustin Brohm, Chelsea Peitz, and Jason Frazier, to name just a few. These are fellow contributors of Industry Syndicate, where we use Facebook Lives and podcasting to keep the industry informed on the most recent trends on social media and how to leverage those trends to improve your personal brand visibility. 

For brick and mortar businesses: 

Whether you are a microbrewery in Dunedin Florida or a mom and pop auto repair shop in Jersey City, the two easiest ways to bring more clients to you with live video marketing is through attraction marketing and experience marketing. Attraction marketing means people are attracted to who you are as a person and the knowledge that you have about your microbrews or fixing car engines. Experience marketing is where you invite people into your establishment, introducing your staff, showcasing your best appetizer, or telling them what days of the week you have trivia or karaoke night. As an auto repair shop, you can discuss what’s included in a 10-Minute express oil change services or even collaborate with an animal shelter in the area and donate $10 for every oil change that comes through on a particular weekend, with contests and giveaways. One of the best people I know helping brick and mortar businesses document themselves is Jeremy Griffin with Startup Street.

For book authors: 

If you wrote a book that’s fiction, do a few Facebook lives to share with people what the background is for writing the story (where did the idea come from) and even read a paragraph from one of your favorite chapters. If you read from a chapter, download the Live and upload it to a podcast episode, then share it out again. You can create your own version of an audiobook this way. If you wrote a non-fiction book, use my video to tell people why you wrote the book and how it might help them overcome a life experience or have a good laugh. Rinse and repeat, over and over, especially if you’re self-published. Don’t forget your call to action: the link to buy your book via hardcover, paperback, or digital download. 

For graphic designers:

As I mentioned previously in this article, you can do a Live video and share your screen, even just natively directly onto Facebook. For graphic designers, my suggestion is that you share your screen and show people your work…especially some before and after results. People love to see what you can do to improve something or bring someone’s vision to life. Even if you are introverted, this is an outstanding opportunity for you to gain more clients for free. Use a calendar link and remember your call to action can simply be to hop on a consultation call. Your skills are needed, allow yourself an opportunity to be chosen. 

If you have any questions or comments regarding the content within this article, please feel free to let me know. To get a jump-start on your own Live-stream videos with some accountability and walkthrough videos on all the techie stuff, grab the 5 Minute Lives™ Course, for just $37!

Don’t forget to — Press Live With Purpose™.
~Trish Leto 

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