Tools Of The Trade

Here's where I'm listing all the fun little gadgets, software, and business collaborative partners that I use and highly recommend for your online business needs.

Quick important note: I’ve always believed in transparency on the internet, so I am disclosing that I’ve included certain products and links to those products on this site that I will earn an affiliate commission for any purchases you make. My goal with this website is to help educate you on the possibilities that exist for using 5 Minute Lives and how to monetize them in practically any field, but please understand I am doing this as a for-profit business and, quite frankly, so should you with your site unless you have some charitable endeavor in mind. 

Our Top Rated Products

I'm often asked about the "fuzzy" mic I use for podcasting and doing Livestreams. I use the BOYA-BY MM1 mic.

It's fuzzy, compact, and easily plugs into my iPhone 6 for recording podcast episodes directly from my phone or using it for Livestreaming on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. The audio comes in very clear.

Neewer Ring Light Kit:18"/48cm Outer 55W 5500K Dimmable LED Ring Light, Light Stand, Carrying Bag for Camera,Smartphone,YouTube,Self-Portrait Shooting

I really love this light. It's got a brightness knob in the back to get just the right amount of light and serves perfectly for any video shooting, whether pre-recorded or Live-streaming. It's also very compact and easy to travel with a large, square protective bag. 

In an effort to always know what my audience needs help with, I use Answer The Public. It’s FREE to ask up to two questions per day or you can upgrade to the Pro Version if you’re doing market research for multiple clients, as perhaps an agency or e-commerce business, for example. 

When FB Introduced the option to ask new group members 3 welcome questions, marketers naturally started asking for emails!

Then the question became...how can we collect these emails efficiently, and what strategies can we use to make the most out of these new leads?

Group Funnels solves BOTH of these problems and provides FB group owners the tools AND and strategies to grow & monetize efficiently!

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