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Trish not only provides actionable steps for increased social media visibility, but she teaches the importance of truly building relationships through the proven and honorable methods of connecting with the “know, like and trust” factors.  She teaches easy methods including technical training and helps empower you with the knowledge and commitment necessary to build a solid client base, providing success to both the business and the client.

This mutual success only strengthens the Know, Like and Trust method Trish stands by and teaches in every aspect of her life.

All things being equal, people do business with, and refer business to people they knowlike and trust.

~ Bob Burg


Going Live: live video for business

Are you ready get your clients busting through your doors? Are you ready to make a difference personally and make a difference for others? You must be seen and that will happen through Video.

Niche specific content creation

Need focus and direction regarding your content? I can direct and entertain your audience all at the same time! I will teach you how to gain engagement with interesting content and grow on social media.

FB Communities to increase leads

Why and How to create well planned FB communities for professionals that can generate qualified leads, re-engage existing leads, & create opportunities to develop new contacts & nurture existing relationships.

What clients are saying…

Thank you, Trish! Your hashtag strategy worked like a charm !.. I have a steady stream of prospects contacting me now. One was a Wedding Expo director!!! Great stuff Trish U ROCK! Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you! #thisgirlknowsherstuff – Tim Vera
When I first took Trish’s Facebook Live Seminar I was skeptical at first but the price was right so I jumped in.  I decided to just do it. I signed up for her 3-Day Workshop.The value of that workshop was immeasurable – I put her trainings into practice right away and implemented my own workshop. My first Workshop made almost 10 times my investment… Stop thinking and start jumping. It is worth the investment – every single penny because she knows what she is talking about and she knows how it needs to happen…  – Jim Bergoon
Meeting Trish was amazing! I thought I was about to meet Mrs. Leto for lunch and just get to know her for the great person that I heard she was. Little did I know, I was meeting a powerhouse of a woman who knows how to add value to your world and help you strategize to take your business to another level. That lunch was the best strategy meet I’ve ever had! I gave her my vision and she crafted a strategy that included collaborating with one of her team members. This was a great connection! Trish’s team is all about value added service and results. if you want value added to your social media which produces results connect with Trish Leto! – Dr. Marnita
Following Trish’s strategy, my Instagram following for my E-commerce site increased by over 1,000 people in a MONTH and I’m selling 5-6 items per DAY! Thanks, Trish! -Dr. Christopher Angello

Hire Trish to speak at your event

Are you ready to actually learn how to be seen on social media? Trish provides actual, real-time methods that can be immediately implemented.  

Trish provides services and methods that teach the important components necessary for business success whether the business is a physical brick and mortar building or an online business. Trish also teaches HOW to be seen on the various social media platforms and how to earn the trust of the client community.

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