3 Platforms You Should Be Using in 2020 To Attract More Real Estate Clients

 January 1, 2020

By  trish

2019 was the year where every guru out there was telling us how to to get organic leads on Facebook, Instagram. LinkedIn. How to post content, when to post the content, and what platforms we were "wasting our time" on. 

That said, I wanted to give you a more drilled-down version of how you'll get more leads for your real estate and mortgage business in 2020...with proven methods. Take notes, share with your collaborative partners, but more importantly...implement these tips to get some more leads! 

1. On Facebook: Want more buyer leads? Spend more time giving people options to choose from in their house. Post 3-4 different styles of kitchens, backyards (with or without pools), master bathrooms, and more...and invite your friends and followers to choose the one they'd like the most in their dream house. This works really well if you post on your Facebook business page with a messenger automation sequence setup. This was, you can capture email addresses and phone numbers and put them into a follow-up sequence through your CRM. Using Live-stream video at open houses is a huge plus, too.

For more seller leads, remind your prospects of why they want or need to sell their houses: Down-sizing, up--sizing, Veterans who are PCS-ing, moving from 2-story or 1-story (or vice versa), etc. Be proactive with your market research on this, too.

Search the Nextdoor app and learn what types of complaints people are making about a particular HOA and/or current market trends. If you listen close enough, people will tell you exactly why they are looking to sell. Be sure to go Live with a description that matches the exact language your prospects are using. This will grab their attention right away and keep them in your network. 

The more visual you are, especially with video, the more people will want to consume the content and grow to know, like, and trust you. The call to action and follow-up are very important here, though. Using appropriate email marketing like Active Campaign, sales funnel software like Clickfunnels, and messenger automation sequences like Many Chat will really help you streamline your follow-ups. 

If you participate in groups, use content that will get you strong buyer leads. Remember that there are real estate investors all over the country who are looking to invest, so remember to use the groups where they are and not waste as much time in groups overly-saturated with other agents. 

2. On Instagram, promote your collaborative partners in the business as much as possible and check-in to their offices. Brokers, loan officers, title companies, appraisers, property inspectors, landscapers, builders, and more. Collaborate using individual posts, stories, and live-stream video. The more you check-in, the better, so your local community is aware of the locations of the hardest-working mortgage and real estate professionals in their area. You can use the Manychat link to your Facebook messenger automation sequence as the link you use in your bio. The other option is to have a link to your own website. NOTE: If you are real estate agent who's motivated to create more content this year, I strongly recommend you have your own website and not rely solely on the MLS site your brokerage provides you. Branding yourself is crucial. The person I strongly recommend following on Instagram is Chelsea Peitz. Please be sure you let her know that Trish Leto Sent you! 

3. LinkedIn is for networking your business. Use this platform to collaborate with more B2B opportunities: Title companies, brokers, appraisers, inspectors, and YES...real estate investors. Use video as much as possible and if you have a pre-recorded video interview with someone in the industry, post that video as content onto LinkedIn. For inspiration on what to post on LinkedIn, enter keywords in the search field, then the content button. Voila! Not only do you have inspiration, but you also have dozens (and possibly even hundreds) of conversation threads within your industry, to participate in directly. The person I follow as a LinkedIn expert is my dear friend ​Nena B. Abdul-Wakeel. ​​​Please be sure you tell her Trish Leto sent you.  

I also want you to use YouTube. I don't consider this a platform, per se...because it's a search engine. Once you put a video on YouTube, it's always there...and it has the capability of driving a ton of quality leads to your business. Create content that answers questions that your prospective buyers and sellers are looking up in the internet. Use Google trends, Answer The Public to learn what people need help with the most. Be sure to add in your keywords in the "tags" section and include a strong description with a way for your audience to book a call, rsvp to an open house, or download a free thing. Follow Marley Baird for YouTube content ideas and to maximize exposure. Please be sure you tell her Trish Leto sent you.  

Remember when posting video clips onto various platforms: You can post up to 10 Minutes on LinkedIn, 10 seconds minimum and 10 minutes maximum on IGTV (Instagram t.v.), and between 5-10 minutes on Facebook and YouTube. 

Just don't waste time. If you don't have the time to post all over the internet, hire an intern from a local university or hire a marketing team to help you. Make sure you get your business on Google my business. 

Small steps in the right direction begin now. Which step will you take to begin to dominate? 

Dedicated to your success,

Trish Leto 

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Trish Leto is a U.S. Navy Veteran and Live video marketing consultant. Her audience has crowned her the QUEEN of 5 Minute Lives™, a simple yet effective strategy for providing content that matters to audiences with just five minutes of live video and repurposing it for increased brand recognition and revenue. Trish is also an expert speaker, teaching strategies for social media while motivating and inspiring her audience to overcome self-doubt and Press Live With Purpose™. She recently quit her 9-5 job after over 18 years in the mortgage industry and is now helping businesses increase revenue with her strategies full-time. Trish has spoken on several stages, including the Military Influencer Conference (sponsored by USAA) in October 2018 and most recently spoke on the mortgage panel at Vaynermedia’s Agent2021 in Miami Gardens, FL. Her work has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, and hundreds of nationally-syndicated television, newspaper, and magazine outlets She’s shaking up the industry leaving behind no excuses.

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