5 Mistakes To Avoid On Facebook

 August 24, 2019

By  trish

Facebook is the #1 social media platform globally, and while the algorithm seems to be “incredibly touchy” these days, let’s just remember that it’s artificial intelligence and the only person that owns it is Mark Zuckerberg.

That said, we are playing in someone else’s sandbox, so let’s be sure we are playing by rules, not only to avoid being kicked off the platform but also to allow ourselves to be seen more.

Organic reach still exists, I promise. So here are 5 things you should absolutely avoid in order to get your content more visible and not just look like a “Spammy McSmammerson”.

  1. Don’t just share posts into groups. When you want to share a Facebook Live post or article into a group, don’t just share it. Create a post talking about the post or article and why you find it valuable, then put the link for it in the 1st comment. This is true for those of you who run your own groups or are a member of a group. Group owners, this is no good for your organic reach. Set ground rules for your community and let your moderators help you remove the people who don’t abide by them. My good friend Arne Giske is the authority on running a profitable Facebook Group, by the way. He and his business partner Matt Staton created an awesome system that automates adding your group members to your email list. I highly recommend this to work smarter, not harder.
  2. No more bad words. Avoid using the words, “Like, comment, share, and tag” in your videos or posts. Facebook is pulling the audio as well as the text and clickbait or engagement bait or a big no-no. Instead, use language like “let me know below”, “please feel free to provide your feedback”, “smash that heart button”, “invite your friends to join us live”, or “if you’re enjoying this video, please feel free to push me out to your network”. We are still saying the same thing, just a little differently and allowing our audience to make their own minds about it.
  3. Avoid the negative. There’s a bunch of negativity out there. If possible, avoid interacting on posts or Lives that prompt negativity. Participating in negative posts prompts aggression and anger, and unnecessary anxiety. Don’t let others trigger you. If you do a Facebook Live video that suggests negativity or aggression, you may possibly get banned from the platform. Again, not my rules but if you want this to be a place where the AI is in your favor, play nice and enjoy the benefits of free marketing.
  4. Lay Off The “Look At Me” stuff. “Look at me” posts and videos are getting seriously overplayed and over scrolled. You can bring attention to what you’re doing by sharing valuable information. Instead of just talking about yourself, share a lesson you’ve learned or go Facebook Live and teach your audience. When you educate, entertain, or enlighten people with things that matter to them, they’ll pay much more attention than when you just talk about yourself all the time.
  5. Don’t Steal Other People’s Content. If you see a Facebook Live that you love and that’s gotten a bunch of engagement on it…don’t just copy the content and use it for yourself. That’s a quick way to get people raising a brow at you as a “troll”. It’s very easy to get confused on this one, but integrity goes a long way. Share the video as a post on your page and give your own feedback on it or do a Facebook Live with your own twist to the content, giving credit where credit it due. I’m constantly inspired by other people from their Facebook lives, podcasts, or blogs…and if I cover the content on it, I give credit. Not only will the podcast hosts appreciate that, but you’ll look like a champ to your audience, earning their trust and respect.

Seems pretty simple, right? Remember this blog when you see people doing things that make you cringe. Oh, and be sure to check out my full Survival Guide for Facebook Lives.

Don’t forget to Press Live With Purpose™.

~Leto, Out.


Trish Leto is a U.S. Navy Veteran and Live video marketing consultant. Her audience has crowned her the QUEEN of 5 Minute Lives™, a simple yet effective strategy for providing content that matters to audiences with just five minutes of live video and repurposing it for increased brand recognition and revenue. Trish is also an expert speaker, teaching strategies for social media while motivating and inspiring her audience to overcome self-doubt and Press Live With Purpose™. She recently quit her 9-5 job after over 18 years in the mortgage industry and is now helping businesses increase revenue with her strategies full-time. Trish has spoken on several stages, including the Military Influencer Conference (sponsored by USAA) in October 2018 and most recently spoke on the mortgage panel at Vaynermedia’s Agent2021 in Miami Gardens, FL. Her work has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, and hundreds of nationally-syndicated television, newspaper, and magazine outlets She’s shaking up the industry leaving behind no excuses.

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