6 Common Livestream Mistakes You Should Avoid

 October 4, 2019

By  trish

With so many people using Livestream video these days, I find it my duty to address common mistakes that many coaches, consultants, speakers, agency owners, and even real estate agents are making that could be detrimental to their brand and potential lead generation. Avoid these mistakes and start really ramping up your organic Livestream lead generation.

Mistake #1: Not having a title or description on your Livestream.

You know who you are. You’re at a job site or feeling compelled to vent, but without a solid title or description that at least says, “Quick vent session”, you’ll have people scrolling right past you. Give your audience a reason to pop in with something that captivates them.

Mistake #2: Teaching next to a whiteboard or powerpoint presentation and not flipping the mirror mode.

When using your phone, as you are about to press Live (or even while you’re Livestreaming), you can hit the magic wand, then the little tools icon on the bottom right, then the mirror-flip icon on the bottom left. If you’re standing next to a whiteboard, notepad, or even a powerpoint presentation on selfie mode, you don’t want your words backward. Sometimes, people will tell you while you’re Livestreamsing to flip the camera over, but if you don’t see the comments or you’re not paying attention, you’ll lose viewers. That’s no good, so remember this tip for the next time.

Mistake #3: Not having any point to your Livestream

Let’s be real for a minute. Some people use Livestream video for all the wrong reasons. One of those reasons is what I refer to as the “look at me” model, where it comes across as a bit conceited or even egotistical. You’re very special, I promise. But if you use Livestreaming to help support the people who are watching you vs. to showoff yourself, your content gets consumed and shared out so much more. Press Live with the purpose of educating, entertaining, or inspiring people. Press Live and give away so much information, knowledge, and inspiration that people will be chomping at the bit to hire you. Be intentional, be kind, and be awesome.

Mistake #4: Don’t leave ’em hanging

Ever watch people go Livestream and never give a call to action…? You know what I’m talking about. You know the ones. They go Live for like 30-45 minutes and they don’t give you anything to download, buy, or a link to click to schedule a free call. Are you kidding me…? Okay, I’m being a bit harsh right now, but it’s so pointless to use Livestream video for that long and leave your viewers hanging. We are in a digital society now where our attention spans are so minimal that we must be told exactly what to do before we lose focus. Whatever your call to action might be, make sure you give you. This can be to message you, click on a link to book a call or download a free ebook, PDF, or cheatsheet. This is why Livestreaming is the absolutel best ROI you can have in your business. Be intentional and don’t waste anyone’s time.

Mistake #5: Forgetting to repurpose the content

When you’re done with your Livestream, for the love of all the Gods and Goddesses you pray to, please do not forget to download it and repurpose it. You can repurpose it into a ton of different things: Podcast episodes (and show notes), blogs, emails, social posts, books and ebooks, webinar slide deck topics, and more! This is how you turn one digital asset into months of content for your audience to consume…in a multitude of different ways.

Mistake #6: Having bad lighting

Let’s keep this one simple: If you’re in the dar with your content, so will your audience be. Make sure we can see your face and whatever things you are holding up o showing us. Use O-Ring lights whenever possible and there’s a need. Daylight is best, with you facing the sun, not having the sun on your back. That’s visually annoying to your audience.

Avoid these simple, common mistakes and rock your next Livestream video!

Dedicated to your success,

Trish Leto


Trish Leto is a U.S. Navy Veteran and Live video marketing consultant. Her audience has crowned her the QUEEN of 5 Minute Lives™, a simple yet effective strategy for providing content that matters to audiences with just five minutes of live video and repurposing it for increased brand recognition and revenue. Trish is also an expert speaker, teaching strategies for social media while motivating and inspiring her audience to overcome self-doubt and Press Live With Purpose™. She recently quit her 9-5 job after over 18 years in the mortgage industry and is now helping businesses increase revenue with her strategies full-time. Trish has spoken on several stages, including the Military Influencer Conference (sponsored by USAA) in October 2018 and most recently spoke on the mortgage panel at Vaynermedia’s Agent2021 in Miami Gardens, FL. Her work has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, and hundreds of nationally-syndicated television, newspaper, and magazine outlets She’s shaking up the industry leaving behind no excuses.

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