10 Reasons Why You Should Be Going Live On Your Facebook Business Page

You know how you LOVE getting free advice all the time? AWESOME. Here’s some more! We all get the fact that Facebook LIVES have become the most effective way to market ourselves online, but to fully understand WHY, you need to see what Facebook has been adding to people’s business pages, to use for FREE: … Read more

How To Easily Get Your Facebook Live Video Onto YouTube

Whether you are a network marketer, real estate agent, or even a life coach…it doesn’t matter! If you are going live on Facebook, you are leaving money on the table when you do not repurpose that live video onto other platforms. Here, I walk you through exactly how to upload your Facebook live onto YouTube. This … Read more

How To Get Smart On Social Media

Something I have fallen short of is keeping a serious schedule for my business. I literally wake up on Monday mornings and just try to get my thoughts together after the weekend, because motherhood and family time are my number one priorities during that time. Every post I do in my free Facebook group is … Read more